Instant Pick Up

With Koakoo, you can make an order thousands of miles away from your loved one, sitting in your living room. Your chosen beneficiary instantly receive a notification along with the reference number. He can happily walk to the selected store and retrieve the products free of charge.

Payment Protection

We use a third party payment processor to assist in processing all transaction securely. Stripe and PayPal payment are currently the payment method. You can check out and find out how they handle your personal information. We only share relevant information to the purpose of payments.

Customer Satisfaction

Serving you is incredibly important to us. Our team has experience ranging from ecommerce to information system and finance putting all these talents to assist each customer and help you make the most out of every dollar you spend for the good of your family back in Cameroon.

Our Concept

Being there for the ones you care about no matter the distance is priceless. Sending money is no longer the only way you can assist your family. Koakoo allows you to be more present and specific. Shop for their need and share with them the list of products instantly from major Stores.

About Us

The Koakoo ideology began in 2015 when the team of founders living in the United States were reluctant in always sending money back home, for the money was not always used as expected. They wholehearted believed that things could be done differently and in a better fashion.

Products Pricing

Prices online are exactly the same as the ones in the store, Yes! Koakoo does not charge more when selling online. Buying online or in store does not make any difference. We work with the stores partner to create a fair environment so to give more of the same experience should you visit the store.